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I was born in Penza, Russia in a family of engineers. Kindergarten, school, art studio & summer holidays at my grandpa's — quite a usual childhood



I used to work as a graphic artist at a plant. But 9 to 5 work wasn’t for me. I didn’t like getting to work by 8 AM and then checking my watch for when the work day would be over



I was really into sports, was a Master of Sport of the USSR in rifle shooting



Started studying on the graphic-pedagogical faculty at the Penza Art School named after K.A.Savitski



Served in the USSR army. I wasn’t the best soldier since I wouldn’t obey orders based on a whim only



Got back to studying in the art school



Got married, son Ilya was born



Graduated from Penza art school, moved to Cherkasy, Ukraine where my wife is from, started working in the Ukraine Art Foundation. I did wood carving, worked with plaster, did mosaics, frescos, and stained glass art. At the same time I took up jewellery & was working with silver for some time



Moved to a new apartment on a Dnieper river, got a dog



I got back to my painting roots and made a painting of my wife. Then I held my first personal exhibition which was also an anniversary one — “Hudozhnye sriblo” (from Ukrainian - artistic silver)



Started to take part in art exhibitions regularly, got more and more into painting and finally made a choice to have it as a primary occupation



I became a member of the Ukrainian Designers Foundation as a jewellery designer



I have been teaching drawing on the design faculty in the Cherkasy State business school



I was admitted into the National Foundation of Painters of Ukraine.

I have held 11 personal exhibitions, my paintings are represented in the following museums: Cherkasy Regional Art Museum, Kaniv National T. Shevchenko Museum, Kamyanka State Museum Preserve. Also, my works are stored in private collections in Ukraine, Russian Federation, Europe, USA, and Asia.


Got a magisters degree in Industrial Design from Cherkassy State Technological University.


Got a title of Honored Artist of Ukraine


In my paintings, I use brushes, palette knives, spatulas, fingers, palms, cloth & other objects. Sometimes I would even pour paint thinner on a canvas but I still consider myself to be a realist and a conservative person.

I am quite reverent in regard to painting techniques. In my paintings, I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone, as I believe that fine art should be honest, aesthetic, and made by a skilled professional. All those new isms and “I’m an artist, I see this way” are not my kind of thing.